Posion Serpent is a Bey which comes with a Face Bolt, a Energy Ring which is Serpent, a Metal Wheel which is Poison, a Spin Track which is SW145 and a Preformance Tip which is SD. In the anime it is used by Reggie also it is Right Spin.


Face Bolt: has a picture of a Serpent it appears to be a Cobra by the shape of the head

Energy Ring: Serpent

Metal Wheel: Poison is very similar to Dark both have spikes and also both are roughly spherical

Spin Track: SW145 is 145 size and can either be Attack or Balance it stands for Switch

Preformance Tip: SD first came with Dark Bull and is one of the best stanima tips available


  • It destroyed Rock Aires in the anime and seriously damaged Flame Libra it is one of the most vicious Bey's in the Anime
  • It is one of only Bey's to have a dark move in the anime
  • It has some similar traits to Dark Bull as Poison is very similar to Dark, both have wide tracks and both have Semi Defense tips